NOTE from David Brind of Salisbury August 7, 2004.

There is no proof that John 1703-94 ever married. None is shown in the Highworth register and in addition I have checked the Wilts Nimrod Marriage Index (Male Brind marriages) between 1561 and 1800. His name does not appear. The index lists out of country ones as well.

b. There is no proof that he had a son John 1755-1824. Where did he get 1755 from? No birth is on the Highworth register, or on your list of Brinds on Parish registers (mostly from Mormon etc.). It seems to be that 1755 should be shown as 1755?. In addition a note should be added to express out doubt that John 1703-94 ever married and had a family.

I would be happy to add the family to my notes if they are connected, but until a link is found, if you asked me, I think that from John and Sarah Butcher, they should be shown on the cd under Hugh rather than David. Maybe he worked out the date of birth from age at death in which case he might well be the John born at Aldbourne on 10/2/1754? In conclusion Hugh's case rests on John 1703-94 getting married of which there is no record, having a son at the age of 52 in 1755 of which there is no record and no other children!!!

John = ??????
bap 11 Nov 1703
bur 9 Apr 1794

John = 24 Sep 1781, Highworth Sarah (Butcher)
born 1755? Highworth? born 25/7/1760
bur Highworth 12 Apr 1824 [69] bur Highworth 17 Apr 1830 [68]
See will
Stonemason of Highworth
Census of 1801
William John Charles Betty Thomas Edward Ann Fanny
born 31 Oct 1782, bap 8 Nov 1782 Highworth born 18 Sep 1784, bap 29 Sep 1784 at Highworth born 2 Feb 1788 Baptised May 26 at Highworth bap 10 Apr 1791 Highworth bapt June 5 b 1794 born 26 July 1795 at Highworth baptised July 31 b 16 Dec 1799 baptised Dec 25 at Highworth b. 13 May 1803, baptised June 3 at Highworth
d. 1840 (abroad) bur. 30 Oct 1838
= 3/3/1827 Elizabeth Chouls (Highworth)
= 18 Jan 1842 Wm Horton widower, Highworth
=Sarah Boulton 15 Feb 1817 at Highworth,
born 1788 bur 22 Jan 1871 Highworth
death entry
= Ann b 1788/ d. d. 6/1/1841 [53] at Highworth =Ann, born 1787 bur 9 Jan 1840 (53) =Robert (R)Dixon 13 Apr 1837
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