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Speed check in Seend results in police action

8:26am Thursday 23rd July 2009

A speed check found almost half of drivers travelling along the High Street in Seend were speeding.

Following a petition signed by about 150 villagers in May, police laid rubber strips across the road to check the speed of vehicles.

A total of 47,302 vehicles were checked, of which 22,383 exceeded the speed limit. Of these 5,677 motorists were exceeding the speed limit enough to be prosecuted.

High Street resident Roger Brind organised the petition calling for traffic calming measures to be introduced.

He said that as a result of the speed check, the police had informed him that they would install interactive signs, sometime in August.

Mr Brind, 75, a retired Royal Marines officer, has lived in Seend for ten years and said the number of speeding vehicles had increased.

He said: "The High Street is an accident waiting to happen. There are many parents with children and people with dogs who walk along the pavement and traffic thunders up and down the road.

"The road is half a mile long and is dead straight. I can here the cars literally screaming up the road.

"At night vehicles regularly drive at 60 mph. It's not just cars - motorcycles and articulated lorries speed on the road.

"I started the petition because I was fed up with driving through the village at 30 mph and being overtaken by anything from a motorcycle to a van."

Mr Brind said he was pleased that interactive signs were going to be installed and thanked everyone who signed the petition and supported it, including the parish council.

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