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Thomas =about 1815 Highworth, Wilts Ann = Highworth Register 21/2/1846
Dorathynah Andrews
born 1794
Possible birth entry
born 1788 widow b 13/3/1795
d. 20/3/1873 [79] d. 6/1/1841 [53]
See certificate
Blacksmith, Highworth
1841 census
1871 census
1871 census
Elizabeth Martha Fanny Henry Ann Richard
b 1816 b. Aug 1819 Highworth, Wilts b. 22/Jul/1821 Highworth, Wilts b. 24/Mar/1823 Highworth, Wilts b. 4/Feb/1825 Highworth, Wilts b 1828
d. 22/3/1914 [85]
Death certificate
= 30/Oct/1843 Mary Ann Newman
Broad Blunsden, Highworth
= Ann nee Kilminster
Death certificate
Blacksmith, Highworth 1841 Baker
1841 census 1841 census

28 Nov 94

Dear Jonathan

I have found that that my Thomas served apprenticeship with John Church at Hungerford for five years. I'm following this up. I'll let you know if I find out any more.

Best wishes,

Jean Livingstone

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255, Huntington Rd,
Dear D J Brind,

I have been reading the WFHS journal from October 1994 and found your name listed in the inserts. I am sorry to say that I have no knowledge of any pre 17c Brind, but I do have mention of one in 1830, if you are already aware of him, I apologise. My husband's great grandfatherx3, Henry Buy of Swindon, was proposed by the Trustee, Thos. Uilett Esq., and apprenticed to Thomas Brind on 10th May 1830, for £15 Ref:WRO/BroadTown Charity Apprentices.
I know no more, I think Thomas Brind was a Blacksmith, because a later mention of Henry was as a Blacksmith, if this is of use to you, I am glad, if you know of any Buy, I would appreciate the knowledge.
Yours faithfully
K T Buy