Henry Elizabeth Martha Ames (Keeble)
b. about 1826/7 Plumstead
Iron turner
     b. about 1833 Plumstead
1881 census 1881 census      1901 census
d. 1893(67) Woolwich      d. 1908(75) Woolwich
Elilzabeth Maria Henry Richard Frederick Henry Walter Nathaniel Alice M (Annie) Alfred Gee James Paulina Rose Lizzie
b 8/Dec/1853
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b 14/Aug/1855
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b 1857 Plumstead, Kent b 1859 Plumstead, Kent b 1860 Plumstead, Kent b 1861 Plumstead, Kent b 1863 Woolwich, Kent b 1865 Charlton, Kent b 1867 Woolwich, Kent b 1869/70 Woolwich, Kent b 1876 Woolwich, Kent
Labourer Railway Engine Driver Labourer Labourer
= Elizabeth = Annie Flint 1893 =William George Weatherell Widdowson 1894
See picture of Arsenal team he played in
= Frederick Stevenson 1897
1881 census 1881
1901 census
1881 census 1881 census 1881 census 1881 census 1881 census 1881 census
d. 1855> d. 4/Dec/1932(75)
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d. 19th March 1912(55)
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d. 15/Mar/1885(17)
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d. 24/Apr/1874(2)
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Henry - There are two Henrys in this list. I believe the second one is the son of Richard and Eleanor who, in the 1871 Census, have a son Henry aged 12. Jennifer O'Sullivan, July 2011