- Brind family tree
Thomas April 13, 1878      Wargrave
b. Aldbourne, Wilts      b. London 1858/9
dau of Richard Hatherall, brewer
Granddaughter of Job, agitator
See Swing Riots
See fighting Brinds      d. Windsor 1900 (41)
1881 census   1901 census 1881 census
Ernest Herbert Charles Rowland Roland Rosy Maurice Arthur Mabel Harold Edward Percy
b. 1879 b. 1880 b. 1883 b. 1884 b. 1886 b. 1888 b. 23/04/1891 b. Nov 12, 1892 b. 1894
1901 census 1901 census 1901 census 1901 census 1901 census 1901 census 1901 census 1901 census 1901 census
1881 census 1881 census =1909 Bodmin PoW 1WW = Emily Draper b abt 1900 (South Ascot) = 1938 William Frederick Springell = 1916 Emily Smith (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
=1919 Mildred Ann Stewart (OHIO)
d. Rifleman 1915
See letters from the battlefield
d. St Austell 1966 (83) d. Eton 1973 (89) d. Bracknell 1979 (90) d. 1983 (92) d. Aug 21, 1974
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Phoned this number in May 2005. Told he doesn't live here any more. Don't know where he does live. Sorry
David (& Susan)
45 Beaconsfield Road
081 689 7378
28 July 1995

Dear Jonathan
I hope you will not mind a family history letter out of the blue. I listed BRIND in the reader's interest column of Family Tree magazine for it to be picked up by Jean Livngstone of London E4.

There is no obvious connection between Jean and I, but Jean has suggested you as the collector of BRIND info.

My interest is in the couple of the enclosed marriage cert. Margaret Hatherell being a distant rather than close, relative. My aim would be to trace forward to living relatives.

Jean has checked her copy of your BMD lists and suggests that Thomas' vitals are birth 1855, Cardiff and death 1938, Windsort. Margaret apparently died 1900, Windsor.

The only other work I've done is to check for them in Wargrave on the 81 and 91 census, but no result.

If you do have any info on this family I would be delighted to hear from you

Best wishes

See Swing Riots
Good to hear from you and looking forward to receiving the scans. I will put your note about Job Hatherell onto the cd. I'm not surprised that someone was enthusiastically collecting information about him. Did you know that one of the Topuddle martyrs was called Brine? I'm afraid I can't find your address but if you send me it I will send you a copy of the cd. (It's probably a cd since I can just squeeze it all onto a cd, however soon it is going to be too large and I'm going to have to fit it into a dvd).


On 7 Oct 2006, at 17:38, Margaret Greenwood wrote:

Hi Jonathan...

Doing well, thank you!!!!.... I would love to have a revised version of the CD/DVD.... I know I promised to send you a couple more photos, but you know how it goes.... One gets distracted and sidelined... I still want to send you some more photos etc..... so I will put some things together for you and then give you my address...... I make anyone, who shows the slightest interest, listen to the CD of our shepherd, Alf.....

I have gone nutty on this stuff... I swear, no one comes around any more!!!!!... I don't know why???... Do you think I should look for a club for geneologists??!!

Margaret Hatherell's (wife of Thomas and mother of Mabel) Grandfather was transported to Australia at the time of the "swing riots" for writing a threatening letter....I found a chap who is so into Job (grandfather) that he has collected Gaol reports, ships logs, newspaper reports, birth certs... All sorts of wonderful stuff... That kept me quite busy, as did typing all my info into the Tree program "Heredis" (free standard version) that my friend gave me..(I think I might have mentioned it)..... Still not completely there... I have +- 1700 individuals (can you believe that??), not all Brinds as I have been doing my mothers as well......although I still haven't clicked her HILL side...John and Mary Ann... Do you know how many couples there are with those names???!!!!! Really must make the effort to get down to the Morman church and look on the 1861 census for a George Hill born in Aug 1852 (living in Paddington?)with John and Mary Ann as parents... That just might do it!!

I decided to give up on the old '95 computer system completely and invested in a HP 3 in one Printer/copier/scanner... (a week ago..)... so I will scan the certs I originally sent... (they were photos).... If they are an improvement, do you want me to resend them or are you happy with them the way they are?????

Cheers for now,