See also Thomas = Elizabeth
It is quite possible that after Dinah died in July 1796, Thomas movied to Hungerford and re-married Elizabeth Sims (or possibly Elizabeth Carpenter) 18 months later. Of course, there are quite a lot of Thomas Brinds so this might even be three different Thomases married to a Dinah and two different Elizabeths!

See also Thomas = Elizabeth
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Chilton Foliat 15/2/1790
Both of this parish, according to register
Dinah (Kimber)
d. 3/7/1796 Chilton Foliat
John Kimber Thomas
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C. Chilton Foliat 12/9/1790 C. Chilton Foliat 25/11/1792 C. Chilton Foliat 17/7/1796
d. 2/7/1795 Thomas d. Middlesex 1852 d. 4/10/1796

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Son of Goldsmiths Prime Warden
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