Amos Barrett = 28/1/1807Aldbourn Miriam (Brind)
bapt 30/1/1785
Burr. 1822
b 21/5/1786
George Barrett
bapt 10/1/1808
Farm bailiff
=Rachel Ballard


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Dear Jonathan,

Many thanks again for the tree and Brind family information also your email with details of web addresses. Enclosed is our family tree as it is so far. The early dates i.e. before mid 1800s have been researched at the Wiltshire Record Office from the Bishops Transcripts. Some dates of the more recent relatives have still to be verified or found, hence a few missing. As you will see there are quite a number of children in some generations. We would like also to find as many of the brothers and sisters of the earlier relatives as it is possible to find. So my mother and I will return to the R.O. at Trowbridge on Wednesday 26th February. She pointed out to me in the records last time we were there, the vicar's comment "a good Christian" about William (page 8 of The Brinds).

The GOONS seem like a useful source. I could try them for some other names in the family.

As yet we haven't been to Aldbourne or Baydon but plan a visit in better weather. I read that Baydon is the highest village in Wiltshire.

How do you know that your Zebulon's dates are 1771 -1847 as you say that you found no record of his birth/baptism?

Some of the following snippets might be useful to you.

In the 1841 Hodson (Wilts) census I noted living in the same house:

Mary Brind, age 35, no occupation given, not born in same county
Benjamin Bick age 15, occupation Ind., not born in same county
Martha Moon, age 35, occupation F/S (female servant), not born in same county

The coding suggested the last was not of the same household - but are we meant to think that the first two were of the same family? I could re-check what the codes are, as at the time I had no idea that it could be relevant to us.

Just after my mother and I had discovered Miriam Brind, I went to enrol in an Internet workshop at New Milton Adult Education Centre. One of the other lecturers enrolling students in his classes on how to stop smoking was called Brind. We had a brief word and although he had not as yet done any real research, he said he understood there to be Brinds in Surrey. There is only one Brind in the local phone directory so assume it's him - Mr K. R. Brind, 54 Wavendon Ave, New Milton, Hants . I wonder if his second name is Richard.

Do you know of Mrs Sheila Povey of Swindon who has a daughter-in-law nee Brind? I wrote to the daughter-in-law a few weeks ago, but have not yet had a reply. As they are both interested in family history I am sure they will not mind me giving you the address: Mrs Valerie Povey (nee Brind), 8 Culme Close, Oundle PE8 4QQ. It was Mrs S. Povey who initially wrote to us and said that Valerie's father, Anthony Brind, was born in Aldbourne, but we know no more than that.

Are the names Brinded or Brinsden actually forms of Brind and could they be useful to you to follow up?

I hope some of this is useful to you. Look forward to hearing from you again.

Yours sincerely,




Dear Jonathan,

Hope all's well with you. Enclosed is a copy of a letter which I think you will find interesting.

My cousin in Chiseldon sent me a small clipping from her local newspaper about a Mrs Kirkcaldy who was trying to trace some local relatives with whom she had lost contact. Having written back to Mrs Kirkcaldy, the enclosed is her reply. Interestingly, the Mrs Barrett in Aldbourne mentioned could be the same Audrey Barrett that Robert Barrett spoke about (my email to you 20/9/97). If so, then Mrs Kirkcaldy's son David might be another cousin on our side of the Brinds.

Once Mrs Barrett's connection is confirmed, and combining the information given by Mrs Kirkcaldy and Robert Barrett it looks as if the tree could be:

Thomas Brind
Mrs Barrett's mother
Audrey Brind?
m. Barrett
lives Aldbourne
Joseph Brind m. Annie lived at 96 Manchester Road, Swindon
Derek Brind
m. Edna 1941
lives New. Zealand
m. Bert Clack
2 dau

m. Clack
d. ?

Mollie + 4 sisters
m. Clack
m. Noone
Kevin, Roger,Liam + 4 dau

See letter from Mrs Kirkcaldy.

By the way, have you had any contact with Robert Barrett? My mother had a nice phone call from him soon after his visit but nothing since.

As I've started a part-time MBA course and am trying to learn Visual Basic 5 at evening class too, I've been too busy to get to Trowbridge for ages unfortunately. A copy of the newspaper cutting is also enclosed.

Best wishes,



Andrew Sewell turned up an article from the September issue of the Aldbourne Parish Magazine of 1904! The following is an extract.

"We were somewhat unfortunate with our weather on Hospital Sunday, August 14th. It rained heavily morning and afternoon, with the result that our congregations and collections in Church were not what they might have been. However in spite of the rain there was a good congregation at 11 when The Foresters, Hearts of Oak, Oddfellows and Rational Societies, headed by the Aldbourne Brass Band under Bandmaster Stacey, made their Annual Church Parade.

Evensong was said at 3 pm. instead of 6 pm. so that the public meeting in aid of Savernake Hospital might be held. Happily the weather improved and the sun shone out, and soon the Green was thronged with a large gathering of people of all ages, some seated and some standing round the ancient stone Cross. What a lot the old Cross would tell us if it could say what happened round it in days of old! Many a Sunday evening in the summer time, in the days before the reformation, the people of Aldbourne would listen to some preaching friar as he addressed them from the steps of the Cross. There were no pulpits in the country Churches then, only the rood lofts, for sermons in Church were only provided for four times a year. And yet we, with sermons every week, seem to have lost the art of driving the Gospel home to the hearts of the majority.

Our Public Meeting began at 5.45. Mr. William Brown presided in his practical and kindly manner. He spoke of the excellent work and urgent needs of the Hospital, and he shewed that our parish reaped more than the usual benefits from this excellent institution, and therefore ought heartily to support it. Short addresses were given by Rev. R.G.Bartelot, Mr. W.Gilbert, Mr.R.Jefferies and Mr. J.H.Lawrence. Hymns were interspersed between the addresses, our excellent organist, Mr. W.Lawrence, presiding at his own harmonium which he kindly lent us, and the people joined heartily in the singing. During the last hymn a collection was made for the hospital. And so a most successful meeting closed.

We here place on record the names of the energetic committee as well as the items of the collection:-

Chairman, Mr. W. Brown; Hon. Sec., Mr.C.Smith; Committee, Messrs. Alfred Andrews, James Bailey, T.Barnes, T.Brind, J.Claridge, J.Cook, George Farmer, J.Lampden, W.Lawrence, C.Liddiard, C.W.Penny, W.Pike, H.B.Sheppard, E.Stacey, W.Walker, and Jacob Westall."

Perhaps the Mr.R.Jefferies who made the short speech had some connection with Richard Jefferies of JEFFERIES' LAND A History of Swindon and its Environs, though the original Mr Jefferies had died before this was published in 1896.

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