Elijah Beedon    6/6/1836
witnessed by Rachel Maskell,
Elijah's sister, also James Curtis who was
a witness at the Brind/Maskell wedding
Sarah Ann (Martin)
b. Beedon April 4, 1813 ag. lab. See a family history by the husband of
one of the nieces of Peter Brind.
b. Burghclere, Hants @ 1816
d.12/1/1897 (83) d. Feb 26, 1904 (86)
184118511861187118811901 census
George Emma Rachel Charlotte Henry Jane John William Elizabeth Elijah
b. 4/6/1836 C. 14/1/1838 b. 6/10/1839 b. 15/10/1841 b. 28/1/1843 b. 7/7/1844 b.4/11/1846
b. 18/3/1849 C. 13/4/1851 20/3/1852
d. Hammersmith 23/7/1899 [52]
d. Hammersmith 15/12/1912 [63] d. Islington 1925 (72)
In 1871 ten-year-old granddaughter Elizabeth was staying with Elijah and Sarah. It is not clear who the parents of Elizabeth were. =Sarah Catherine (Hall) Harriet (Thomas) b.1848? Hammersmith Emily
1881 census
Bootmaker Journeyman stonemason Oil hawker/ carman
1841 census
1881 census
1901 census
1841 census 1841 census 1851 census 1851 census
1851 census 1851 census 1851 census
Poss. 1871?
1881 census
1911 census

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Excavation and geophysical surveys at Beedon (a little above World's End on the map to the right) have shown the area is full of archaeological features. Most features have been dated to the Iron Age but there is considerable evidence for Romano-British occupation.