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Mark William 1875 Sarah A (Page)
b 1852/3 Aldbourne
General labourer
(woodman in 1881)
1881 census 1881 census
d. 1883/4 = Arthur Cook 1884
Alice M George H
possible link
See link to another George H
b 1876 Aldbourne b 1879?
Aldbourne, Wilts
1881 census 1881 census
1891 census 1891 census

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Colin G
b 1937

16th December, 2010.

Thank you for your letter and the disc, "History of the Bunds". Pleaseaccept my apologies for the delay in acknowledgement and would you also excuse thefact that this letter is type written. As the years have progressed my hand has got lesssteady, hardly readable.

I have found the disc very interesting and it has already filled a gap inmy knowledge of my family history. I have hitherto been unable to get back furtherthan my great grandfather, working with what I had been raised believing but now Ibelieve that I know things which my own father never knew. My grandfather wasborn in Aldboume in 1878 and had a sister two years older. What I did not know wasthat his father died in 1884, his mother remarried and had three more children. In the1891 census my grandfather was shown at the age of 13yrs as a farm servant and hissister was in domestic service. They were living in the home of Arthur Cook togetherwith their mother and one stepbrother and two stepsisters. If this was an unhappysituation for them I will never know but it seems that when old enough they movedaway and it is something of which they never spoke. Along with me, both my sisterand brother are absolutely sure that my father never knew of this and always believedthat my great aunt Alice was his only relative. My grandfather and his sister bothmoved to Henley on Thames and settled there. Both married and raised their childrenthere.

I wonder why they both chose to move to Henley? The quest is on!

There is so much information available from the disc and Jonathanappears to have covered everything. There is one thing; however, that I did not noticein my quick browse was any mention of Richard Brind who was organist at St. PaulsCathedral 1707 to 1718. Apparently he is remembered for the fact that Handel oftentook his place. Probably I will find it if I look hard enough.

My Army career was purely National Service, two years with theColours and twelve years in reserve. I was called up on 4th April 1956 to the RAOCand after basic training was posted to 7th Armoured Div: Ordnance Field Park. nearCelle in Germany. I was transferred to the reserve in April 1958 and sent home. I amnot certain what I would have answered if asked at some of the times during myservice but afterwards, like most that did National Service, I would say "I wouldn'thave missed it for the world". I also subscribe to the view that many of the youngergeneration today would benefit from the same discipline.

Once again, my grateful thanks to you.

Yours sincerely