William = 25/1/1836 Aldbourn Mary Mudge Sarah
b. Aldbourne 1814
Witnesses Maria Mudge,
Richard Bunce
b. 1813 b. 1815/6 Kington Langley
1871 census See this link
1901 census
In 1901 William was the oldest Brind in the census!
1881 census /     1841 census
1841 census 1881 census
d. 1905 (90) d. 1862 ????
Rhoda Hannah Jane John Sarah Thomas Henry Robert Mark William Mary Jane
C. 1831/2ish C. 15/5/1836 C. 1838 C. 1840
Birth cert
Bap Sep 25, 1842
parish register
Bap Feb 2, 1845
parish register
Bap Dec 25, 1846
parish register
C 1848
birth cert
b 1853 b 1858
See email from descendant
d ???? d 1850 (13) 1843 (4)
Parish register
d 1871(31) d 1896 d Mar 21, 1927 (82) d 1914(65) d 1884(31) d 12/Feb/1937
= William Shepherd = Margaret Ann Farmer (2) Mary Belcher = Sarah Grossmith b Brighton = Eliza Newman
May 25, 1873
= Sarah Page
= William Walker
Shoemaker in 1865 Dewpond maker
Bricklayers labourer in 1861 Mail contractor Cabby in London Willow manufacturer See Walker family picture
1841 census 1841 census 1841 census 1841 census 1871 census 1871 census 1871 census
1881 census
Sarah (William's granddaughter) aged 3 in 1881 See also a Mark Brind born at a very similar time

Posted at http://community.channel4.com by Chris Walker on 28-05-04 15:23

My Grandad. Mark Charles Walker was born on 16 Jan 1895. He died on 28 May 1968. 1901 Census - Mark C. WALKER, Son, Aged 6, Aldbourne, Wilts. Living with father and mother, William 37 and Mary J. 42, siblings:- William J. 16, Sarah 12, George 10, Edith A. 9, Robert J. 4, Harry 2, Edward T. 1 and widowed grandfather William Brind 86, retired woodman.

Fought during the Great War as part of the British Expeditionary Forces as Service No. 10510 in the 1st Wilts Regiment. Promoted in the field for bravery.

Mark was a Fireman on the GWR and was living at 72 Telford Road, Swindon in 1922 occupied as a Storekeeper. In 1924 they were living at 27 Byron Street, Swindon. Later lived in Stanley Street, Swindon.

Mark married Margaret Mary Allman on 20 Aug 1920. Margaret was born on 12 Mar 1898.

My Grandad was an uncompromising man as this letter from the Great War shows.

From the Marlborough Time 1915

ALDBOURNE News from the War.

Mr. and Mrs W. Walker of the Butts, Aldbourne, have received two letters from their son, Pte. M.C. Walker, No 10515, 1st Wilts Regiment, who is serving with the British Expeditionary Force. Pte. Walker reports himself as well in health, and refers to a French .75 shell which he has sent home as a curio.

"It is not all fun out here, " he says," but one thing, we have got men in our army, men who can fight. "

He anticipates that now Italy has started the Germans will, if possible do even worse things than they have done hitherto. He was in a charge recently, and the Germans fired upon the wounded who fell in the course of it. The conditions now that winter is over are better in some respects and worse in others.

He says the British soldiers like to have a chance of getting a foot of bayonet into the Germans. For the they feel like getting a little of their own back. In a second letter, Pte. Walker states that he was still all right. He anticipates that the fact that Italy has joined in will make a difference to them, and that the war will soon be over. He adds, "I should like to see a few more of the chicken-hearted ones turn out, and be men!"

As for the men in England who are striking, he thinks that they are worse than the Germans, adding that if he could have his way he would send them to the front, without any rifles, for, as Englishmen, they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Cry God for Harry, England and St. George.

George STROUD bp 5 APR 1857 Aldbourne,Wilts 1881: with parents - see above: Ag Lab. U 23. m 8 NOV 1884 Aldbourne,Wilts sp-Ann EMBERLIN bc 1862 Aldbourne,Wilts Witnesses to marriage were William BARRETT & Mary Jane BRIND.
From STROUD families for Berkshire & Wiltshire

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From: hwhiteoverton@aol.com
Subject: Re: Aldbourne Brinds
Date: 22 November 2011 08:56:10 GMT
To: j@brind.tv
Hi Jonathan,

The Barrett's are my 2nd/3rd cousins, but my Mary Jane is the one that married William Walker.

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From: Jonathan Brind
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I think we might be very distant cousins. Are you talking about Mary Jane Brind born May 12 1867 who married William Barrett on January 20, 1887?

On 21 Nov 2011, at 19:10, hwhiteoverton@aol.com wrote:


Found your web page when I Googled the Brind name. My great-grandmother was Mary Jane Brind of Aldbourne so guessing we're distant cousins. I'd be very interested to find out what you know about the Brind's of Aldbourne, if you'd be happy to share the info.

many thanks,


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