Arthur Norman Wilson-Chalon = Nora Rosabel
b October 26, 1903, Shanklin IoW b Sept 17, 1906, Ryde IoW
d. January 23, 1952(45)
Emails and Westerham picture in 1998 Email in 2008
Joy Winifred Hugh Barnard Chalon Gabrielle Mary Wilson-Chalon Caroline Cecilia
b January 3, 1928 b January 19, 1931 b Oct 3, 1934 b November 9, 1944
= (1) Jan 17, 1949, at Newport George Alfred Coulson b. Jan 2. 1922
(2) March 10, 1959, Fred Smith b. Jan 19, 1922
= June 15, 1955 June Butt b. May 7, 1934
(2) Anne Roisin Nicholl June 30, 1977
= John Kelvin Kennelly b. May 7, 1936 =Dec 4, 1965 Raymond Cooke b. April 30, 1942, at Exeter
Gabrielle Mary Wilson-Chalon in about 1953 Gay as a WPC in July 1955.

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From: Gay Kennelly
Date: Mon May 19, 2008 05:05:08 Europe/London
To: Jonathan Brind
Subject: Re: Thanks Gay

Dear Jonathan,

Out of the blue an email from Christchurch, NZ.

How are you?

The last 12 months has been non-productice. In January, I suddenly realised I was losing my sight. I had been told by a specialist here I had a cataract in the right eye he was loath to remove, due to the fact it was a lazy eye from birth and he thought I would have little or no sight if he did remove it. That was July 2006. I just thought, well, I will still have my sight in the other eye. Then bingo at the beginning of this year, it was so bad I knew I would not pass an eye test for my driving licence, so my independence was under threat.

I told my son Kim on the telephone and next thing my daughter-in-law sent a message to tell me to fly up to HK and she would get a second opinion for me from a colleague who is an ophthalmic surgeon. So I flew up on the 8th Feb. They have the latest technology and equipment in HK. Dr Jean Paul Yih examined my eyes and told me I did have a cataract in my right eye and if he removed it I would have sight left in it. I was ecstatic. Then he said I also had a cataract in the left eye, was abnormally long sighted in both eyes, which is prone to glaucoma. That surprised me. I said, "What can you do for me?" He said "I can remove both cataracts, then remove your own lenses and insert artificial, plastic lenses which will rectify the long sight in both eyes. They will be UV lenses to protectt your eyes from the sun.

The operation only took 15 mins on each eye. The right eye took a long time to heal, due to my age and I was also allergic to one of the drugs he used during the op. However, it eventually healed well enough for him to operate on the left eye. Talia my 12 year old granddaughter took me to the surgery in Central HK and watched the op. on the T.V. monitor. She also put numerous drops in my eyes for me each day. It was nearly two months before I flew home. I had a fall after the first eye was done. There are huge shopping complexes, like Lane Crawford, where the tiles are shiny and stairs go up and down all over the place. Due to HK being mainly reclaimed land and hilly. Sprained my right ankle, punctured my left shin and bruised both knees. Poor Sophia had to work overtime patching me up.

Better not write anymore, except to say my garden was a wilderness on my return. Still trying to catch up with correspondence and friends . I don't have to wear glasses all the time, except for reading and close work. The light is so bright and the colours so vivid I wore sun glasses for weeks. Hope all well with you? Regards, Gay Kennelly