William John (Jocky) =1933 Eileen May (Pearcey)
b 1910 Woolwich
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Elizabeth M A
Maureen Michael Jacqueline P
b 1934 Woolwich b 1937 Woolwich b 1943 Woolwich b 1948 Woolwich
= Spitty 1954 = Felton 1961 = Mercer 1966

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Dad married Eileen May Pearcey in 1933, and Aunt Gig is Lilian who married Harry Coombs. Yes we do have Dad's birth certificate. Would be really grateful for any information you could send me about the family. Jackie Mercer, Facebook 05 August 2011
William Brind, Linda Coombs and David Snow with three others on the right.
Picture posted on Facebook by Sandra Bellamy
William John Brind. Picture posted on Facebook by Jackie Mercer in August 2011.
Hayley (May Felton), left is your Mum right is Aunty Betty and the cute one in the front is me LOL, (Jackie Mercer 14 December at 20:51). Picture posted on Facebook by Jackie Mercer in 2011.