Richard William =1859 Greenwich
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Eleanor (Collings)
b. Mar 21, 1833 Plumstead
baptised 24/4/1833 in Kent
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This is a link to some info about a marriage that involved a Richard who was the son of a Richard and whose family were shipwrights. Very strange!

Michael Brind 1901 census
Eleanor Brind 1901 census
Possibly Eleanor Collings b 19/4/1835
c 10/5/1835 St Mary Magdalene Woolwich

She could have been her husband's first cousin
Father Abraham Collings, Mother Mary Ann
Shipwright on marriage cert of 1859.
1871 census
d 1904 Woolwich [70]
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d 1906 Woolwich [70]
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Richard William Henry Herbert Walter Edgar Eleanor Ernest Edmund
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Louisa Ada Amy Rosina
b. 27/9/1857 in Woolwich b. Plumstead 1858? b. 24/8/1859 in Charlton
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b. 12/4/1861 in Charlton b. 4/2/1863 in Charlton b. 2/2/1865 in Charlton b. 12/1/1867 in Charlton b. 23/2/1869 b. 27/Jan/1871
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b. 14/6/1872 b. 17/5/1876
= 1882 = 1885Annie nee Dollery bn 18/5/1854 =1882 Maria Harriet (Crisp) Woolwich =1882 Woolwich =Thomas Bishop 1894
Metal Turner Royal Arsenal 1901: skilled labourer 1881: General labourer
1881: domestic servant 1881: cartridge maker
1871 census 1871 census 1871 census 1871 census 1871 census 1871 census 1871 census
1881 census 1881 census
1911 census
1881 census
1901 census
1881 census 1881 census 1881 census
1901 census
1881 census 1881 census 1881 census
d. 1897 Greenwich [40]
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Parish Record
d. 1915 Woolwich [56] d. 25/Jun/1893 (30)
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5. AMY ROSINA3 BRIND (RICHARD2, RICHARD1) was born 1876 in Plumstead, London. She married THOMAS BISHOP 1894 in London, son of JOHN BISHOP and MARY DOWERS. He was born Abt. 1872 in Deptford, Kent.
More About THOMAS BISHOP: Address 2: 1901, 26, Station Road, Plumstead, London Occupation: 1901, Painter and Paperhanger
More About THOMAS BISHOP and AMY BRIND: Marriage: 1894, London Marriage 1: Q2 1894 Woolwich 1d 1547
Children of AMY BRIND and THOMAS BISHOP are: i. ROSINA4 BISHOP, b. 1896, Plumstead, London. ii. GEORGE BISHOP, b. 1899, Plumstead, London.
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Richard Brind addresses
1871: 10 Darwin Street, Plumstead, Kent
1881: 13 Station Road, Plumstead, Kent
Richard Brind jobs
1851: Apprentice
1871: Sawyer
1881: Carpenter

1859 Marriage solemnized at St ????? in the Parish of Greenwich in the County of Kent
No When Married Name and surname Age Condition Rank or Profession Residence at the time of Marriage Father's name and surname Rank or Profession of Father
Jany 1st 1859 Richard William Brind Full Bachelor Ship-wright George Street Richard Brind Ship-wright
Eleanor Collings Full Spinster   George Street Abraham Collings Baker
Married in the Parish of ?????? according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church after Banns by me W A Soames, Vicar
This Marriage was
solemnized between us
Richard William Brind
Eleanor Collings
    In the
Presence of us
Richard Brind
Mary Ann Margaret Collings

Certified copy of an entry of DEATH
Registration district Wantage 1904 DEATH in the Sub-district of East Plumstead in the County of ?????
No When and where died Name and surname Sex Age Occupation Cause of death Signature, description and residence of informant When registered Signature of registrar
???? 6th? June 1904
18 Oliver (Olive?) Street
Richard William
Male 70 years Pensioned carpenter
from shipyard
Senile decay?
Cardiac failure
Amy Bishop- Daughter ????????

Parish Records: St Margrets Church in Plumstead
1844 Richard BrindAge 79 Mary Magdeline Residence Edward Street
1898 Richard W BrindAge 40 St Margarets Residence 58 Elm Street
1904 Richard W BrindAge 70 St Margarets Residence 18 Olive Street
1906 Eleanor BrindAge 70 St Margarets
I managed to get over to the Essex Records Office, while Suzanne was at a teaching confrence. I was able to access the Ancestry website, and found they have some new features. One of particular interest was London Parish Records. I did my usual look up for Walter John but still no success. I reread his army service records but I think it will need a military historian/ expert to help. I did manage to find the parish records for Plumstead/ Woolwich. I managed to find the burial locations for my ancestors. It was great to finally find out where they are buried. They are buried at St Margrets Church in Plumstead. It was a bit sad really because the next entry to Richard William burial was simply 'boy' 'drowned' 'River Thames'. When I returned home I couldnt wait to get on the internet to get the directions to the church and go over and finally put a closure to those names (the Plumstead Brinds). In my typical Brind fashion.....the church has now been pulled down. It looks like the whole area has been redeveloped into flats. Its as though all my Brind side of the family has just been wiped out and no traces of them exsist. Their houses have all been pulled down and it now looks like their burial locations have as well.

Carl Brind April 28, 2010.

Build architect W Rickwood
Address Vicarage Park
Postcode (if located) SE18 7SR
Grid reference TQ 444 781 Ref: PLU06
Built in the 1850's to accommodate the then expanding working-class population of the district. There is a 1965 site plan on file and a full description in the 1959 quinquennial report in Diocesan archives (ref. DPC/206BR). Major repairs became necessary in the 1960s, and as these could not be justified the church was closed in 1968 and the parish united with St Mark. The building was demolished in 1974 and replaced with flats.