Richard 26/Dec/1892
Susannah E (Meritt)
b 1857 Plumstead, Kent
inspector projectiles
b Stepney about 1867
1901 census

1881 census
1901 census
d. 1932(75) d. 1943(75)
Elizabeth Rose Richard Henry Arthur Albert Edward George Edward Susannah Robert Sidney
b Plumstead, Kent 1893 b Woolwich, Kent 1896 b Woolwich 1899 b Woolwich 1902 b Woolwich 1904
b Woolwich 1905
b Woolwich 1906 b Woolwich 1909
1901 census 1901 census 1901 census
=William Henry Woolcock 13/March/1920 Woolwich
=John Albert Lucas 1930 Woolwich
d. 1983 d. 1939 d. 1958(59) d. 1957(55) d. 1989 d. 1965(55)

This is a pic of Susannah (Brind) Lucas and her husband john albert lucas. if she looks familier to any one please let me now .I dont know much of her family because when she married my grandad her family disowned her. Sussanah Lucas via Facebook July 2011.
Lorraine - What a lovely photograph of Auntie Sue and Uncle Jack. It looks as if it were taken at an anniversary party. I well remember them both from my childhood as my father was Auntie Sue's younger brother Robert. When my parents married in 1936 Auntie Sue and Young Jack were there. I think Uncle Jack was probably away in the Navy at the time. He would come round to see us in Walmer Terrace and I think he and my father may have had a mutual interest in racing pigeons and showing rabbits. My father had a pigeon loft and used to breed rabbits for show. I cannot remember if Uncle Jack did likewise. I remember Young Jack being in the Navy too, Ronnie was my age and Philip was born the same year as my sister, while the twins Betty and Teddy were the youngest. When my father died in1965 I went round to 37 Pattison Road, if I remember correctly, to tell them. After we left Plumstead in the 1960s we tended to lose touch with other members of the family, although my mother who died in 1991 kept in touch by letter. Auntie Sue was a lovely lady and it is certainly not true that her family disowned her. Jennifer O'Sullivan Facebook July 2011.
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